What we do?

Flat Design is used by internet gigants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Skype, Dropbox.

This is a new era of design and we are the first studio which makes this type of design for any person, company or organization

Simple elements

Minimalist approach

Emphasis on typography

Emphasis on colour

What do you want to order?

In the style Flat Design we not only create full templates with layouts and Dev't but also beautiful icons, illustrations and logos.


Order any illustrations in the Flatstyle

Flat Logo
Flat Logo

Order logo or icon in the Flatstyle

Html & PSD
Dev't & PSD

A complete set of template Dev't & PSD

Just PSD template
PSD template

Set PSD website design or brand


Our work

These are our works in wich we have invested the time and the soul. Follow us on facebook or vk where you can find a lot of interesting things.

Our projects

We are not only a web studio which works on projects and design for our customers, but we also develop our own projects.

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Skype: bohdan.kononets
P: (+351) 91 606 9724
flat design
flat design

Our team

FlatStudio is based in Lisbon, and consists of Bohdan Kononets and Alexander Shumikhin. We are a web design, illustrations and applications team with over 5 years of experience in designing clean and easy to use websites. In a good way that is.

Bohdan Kononets (Co-Founder)

Insightful and philosophical, intuitive and a bit quirky.

Alexander Shumikhin (Co-Founder)

Do what u really like and u wont work a day in life.